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Londani Coal (Pty) Ltd and its sub-contractors are actively involved in the local community surrounding our mining operations.  Londani is passionate about skills development, employment opportunities and infra-structure development for people from the said community.  We aim to provide the best opportunities by working hand in hand with local government and non-governmental organisations according to an approved SLP plan.  We believe that each skills development, employment opportunity and local development has a lasting impact on the lives of our local people that will remain for future generations to come.


Wellness Programme

Londani Coal is committed to the wellbeing of all its employees and contractors.  We have an Employee Wellness Programme in place that occurs quarterly of every year.  This program involves facilitating an on-site event where Londani employees and contractors are tested and evaluated for various medical conditions.  Results are communicated with the employee and are referred for medical treatment if needed.  Identified cases are re-evaluated with each quarterly session.

World Aids Day


Londani Coal participated in the World Aids Day during 2018 by hosting an Aids Awareness Campaign at Nndanganeni Colliery.  The aim of this campaign was to create an awareness around this disease and to communicate effective prevention and treatment options.  As part of the event, selected external subject mater experts were invited to deliver an informative speech.